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nudeln Englisch:

1. noodles noodles

Noodles are usually made from wheat.
I had instant noodles as a midnight snack.
Instant noodles are a staple among college students.
I eat noodles.
a long thin piece of food made from a mixture of flour, water, and eggs, usually cooked in soup or boiling water: Serve the meat with rice or noodles.
Drop the noodles into the water.
Your fine, curly hair looks as appetizing as glass noodles.
I had a bowl of noodles at a street nearby.
There is a custom of eating buckwheat noodles on New Year's Eve in Japan.
In the U.S. it is disrespectful to slurp while eating noodles, but in Japan it is considered polite and even flattering.
What's more she went and ordered a top up of noodles twice.
Last night I was too tired to cook a proper meal, so I just ate instant noodles.
I ate noodles for the first time today.

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