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1. chore chore

I find cooking a real chore.
Teaching them, it seemed, was a chore to be suffered until you could return to your writing.
house chores / I see interviews as a chore.
Doing the dishes is a chore, but someone’s got to do it!
I have some chores to do.
I like listening to music while I’m doing all the boring chores like dusting.
Not being good at chores sounds like a bad excuse for avoiding housework
chore = something you have to do that is boring and unpleasant
But I will have to make him do some chores as punishment on Saturday.
Walking the dog is one of his chores.
It all felt a lot of time like a bit of a chore.
daily chores
I'll go shopping when I've done my chores.
chore - a small job that you have to do regularly, especially work that you do to keep a house clean
You can't go out until you've finished your chores.