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telefonieren Englisch:

1. telephoning telephoning

She was always telephoning me.
I wanted to do some telephoning.

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2. phone phone

I'll phone you.
Can I make a credit card call on this public phone?
Please don't look at your mobile phone while we're eating.
Instead of waiting for a contract, we can handle it over the phone.
A bystander videotaped the police beating using their cell phone.
The phone number for the Thursday evening phone conference is 415-904-8873.
I'm e-mailing to follow up on our phone conversation this morning.
If anyone should phone, say I'll be back at one o'clock.
Have you seen my cell phone? "It's on the table."
Tom used to always wear a watch, but now he just looks at his smart phone.
When I got the phone call telling me of my father's death, I was completely flustered.
Just when I was about to phone her, a letter arrived from her.
My phone has a caller ID that lets me screen my calls.
The silence in the library was disturbed by the ringing of a cell phone.
No matter where you may travel, be sure to phone me once a week.

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