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1. transport transport

They hired a moving company to transport their belongings to their new home.
The box was crushed during transport and the contents flew out.
It's very difficult to transport them overland, but simple to do so by sea.
Our city's transport problems are minor when measured against capitals like London and New York.
international transport
His discovery gave rise to a revolution in transport.
For example, China's public transport is without a doubt better than the UK's, but the UK's public welfare may be better than China's.
Currently, it is a situation in which transport links in the metropolitan area have been paralyzed due to the earthquake.
The current rate is about one airplane crash every two weeks, measuring all serious accidents to all types of transport jets.
Dear passengers! If you get on a means of transport and don't have a season ticket, punch a one-time ticket without waiting for the next station.
It's talking about how, thanks to air transport, we've lost the sense of 'season' for foodstuffs.
Globalization has gone mad: why transport Spanish cucumbers to exterminate the Northern Germans when half of them live in Mallorca? We need to rationalize all of that and adopt a more solid method of bacterial decontamination.
There has been a rise in the number of people using public transport.
I'm going to need some transport for me and my friend.
Thanks to transport we can eat fresh fruit in winter.

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