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vorbeikommen Englisch:

1. come round

If you pour cold water on his face he might come round.
Why don’t you come round after class? We could watch the film together.
come round or come around if a regular event comes round, it happens again
Do you wanna come round for a glass of wine?
Her mother last conciousness and hasn't come round yet
Why don't you come round tonight
Why don't you come round to my hause for a cup of coffee?
She hasn't come round from the anaesthetic yet.
Can I come round?- Yes, sure! You must come round to the flat for dinner some time.
How long did it take this person to come round?
I will come round and see you next Sunday, if that's all right with you.
If you decide to come round, phone me first.
1 When she finnaly come round she didnt know where she was 2. If you decide to come round, you will phone me first
The boxer was knocked out in the third round and did not come round for some minutes.
I said come round at seven.

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