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zerbrechen Englisch:

1. shatter shatter

If you drop that glass on the floor it is going to shatter everywhere!
shatter the optimism illusion
Injury shattered his dreams of competing in the Olympics.
I landed in the mess of shattered crystal
'The people charged with keeping the peace may be the most likely ones to shatter it.'
The glass shattered into a thousand tiny pieces
glasses shattered, everyone was shattered by the news
Sometimes one fact can shatter the whole theory.
And shatter the lives of the families of the 239 people on board
The accident completely shattered her confidence.
That it's strong enough to shatter the spinal column, we know.
The power of these clashes can even shatter tusks.
When the news reveals that one such dude “might have been a creep at Yale,” she added, “it doesn't shatter any illusions.” On Monday, an open letter from alumnae who stand in support of Ramirez—and Ford—began to circulate online.

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