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walk Englisch:

1. walked walked

He walked away.
Have you ever walked through a graveyard at midnight?
I shouldn't have walked home late at night by myself.
With first base open, he walked the batter.
By the time we had walked four miles, he was exhausted.
When the company refused to increase their wages, they walked out.
They walked with him to an old wooden building near the farmhouse.
Tom didn't need to take a taxi. He could have walked.
Tom had no sooner walked in the door than Mary started to complain.
Let's look at the path that you've walked so far.
As the men walked up and down the rows of people, they shouted, "Get your dachshund sausages!"
Kori walked downwards as much as she could and ended up five stories below ground level.
Disregarding the "No Entry" sign, she pushed open the door and walked inside.
Instead of slapping him in the face, she spit in it, and walked contemptuously away.
In former days people walked from Edo to Kyoto.

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2. to move at a steady pace by putting one foot in front of the other to move at a steady pace by putting one foot in front of the other

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3. walk walk

Walk slowly.
You walk on and I'll catch up with you later.
Feeling tired after his walk in the country, he took a nap.
You walk too fast for me to keep up with you.
People in every walk of life go to church.
In the end, because of the disease, he became unable to walk and had to use a motorized wheelchair to get around.
Tom couldn't fall asleep so he got up and took a walk.
Our walk was spoiled by the wind and the rain.
Tom and Mary took a long walk through the countryside.
Don't walk so quickly. I can't keep up.
The mountain path was under a blanket of leaves, soft and easy to walk on.
Walk as fast as possible.
Walk faster, or you'll miss the train.
Very fat people waddle when they walk, though few of them realize it.
On an average how many miles do you walk a day?

4. stroll stroll

take a stroll
I really like to stroll through Stanley Park on a warm summer day.
A stroll is a pleasant slow walk
A short stroll from the hotel you can find a swimming pool
and resumed his little stroll towards Hornsgatan
As Franco finishes speaking, Bradley casually strolls in, freshened up after playing in a 5-0 demolition of a local fifth division team.
When I first came to Beijing, I loved to stroll everywhere, but Beijing was not like what I had imagined.
Right, while we're taking a walk anyway, we could like go along the woodland path and enjoy a little stroll through the forest…
With a mild, bright night like today, I always feel like going for a stroll at midnight.
It’s not a mellow stroll in the park kind of, you know, I’m going to go out for some fun and an easy walk kind of thing.
I'm lookin forward to our strolls in the park and a lazy brunch.
It was plump, one afternoon, in the middle of my very hour: the children were tucked away, and I had come out for my stroll.
I was just out for a stroll.
In others, as in Stockholm, it is possible to take a stroll in the crowd.
They opened up their wedding album and had a little stroll down memory lane.