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torre Englisch:

1. towered towered

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2. tower tower

That's a tower.
Have you ever seen Tokyo Tower?
The Eiffel Tower is in the same city as the Louvre Museum.
We got to the top of Osaka Tower.
From my position, I cannot see the tower.
Lotteria introduced an extraordinary "Tower Cheeseburger" which can be made by stacking up to 10 patties.
Many years have been spent in building the tower.
The Leaning Tower of Pisa is taller than the church.
Actually I wanted to be a damsel in a tower guarded by seven dragons, and then a prince on a white horse would chop off the dragons' heads and liberate me.
the Eiffel tower
tower over\above sb
Turning to the right, you will see a white tower.
The biblical Tower of Babel is what architects call a ziggurat.
That big advertisement tower puts our city to shame.
In 1912, the Austrian tailor Franz Reichelt died jumping off the first floor of the Eiffel Tower while trying out his new invention, the parachute coat, which did not work...

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3. rook's rook's

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4. rook rook

A rook has whipped my sandwich!
Get him! That's the guy who rooked me yesterday!
I could have won your rook
To the crow family belong the raven, the rook and the magpie.

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