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améliorer Englisch:

1. ameliorating

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2. ameliorate

Foreign aid is badly needed to ameliorate the effects of the drought.
Steps have been taken to ameliorate the situation.
It's nice to use external chemicals agents to ameliorate distressed.
Early use of supportive care measure may help ameliorate the condition.
doskonalić, ulepszać, poprawiać, złagodzić (the issue could be hugely ameliorated)
... global society that can ameliorate poverty and persecution.
Financial reforms may ameliorate the current economic difficulties.
Political reforms may ameliorate the living conditions of the poor.
He helped to ameliorate the living conditions of working men.

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3. bettering

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4. improving

Business is improving.
It would seem that the weather is improving.
The situation is improving, so cheer up!
We are always aiming at improving the quality of service.
The depressed economy showed signs of improving.
This experience will be invaluable as a way of improving the way I study English.
With the weather improving, players began running on the sports ground.
If it is useful for improving your life, it cannot be done too soon.
He put forward a plan for improving office efficiency.
Capital investments planned by major Japanese businesses for this year have been revised upward in view of an improving economic outlook.
While I was intent on improving my language skill, I came upon an English grammar book.
Improving corporate performances are behind the stock market recovery.
There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.
His efforts in studying have paid off and his grades are improving by leaps and bounds.
Polluting isn't good for improving the environment.

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5. to improve

people are trying to improve their diets
I'd like to improve my English.
I'm going to improve my score, time me.
Try to improve your speaking skills.
I want to improve my English.
I have to improve my German.
I want to improve my drawing skills.
Doing mental exercise is a very good method to improve your memory.
to improve the offer
They've been trying to improve the children's diet.
They have to improve the image of the company.

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