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audacieux Englisch:

1. bold bold

Being bold doesn't always pay off.
When the time is ripe, be bold and go for it! I'll stand by you.
She always had a soft spot for bold and open-minded men.
bold adverbs
This morning at the station, her attention was caught by a poster with bold letters.
The talented young chess player is very bold. He deliberately lays himself open to attack, makes himself vulnerable and then checkmates his opponent when least expected.
The bold man glanced at the gangster with hatred and contempt.
Her bold plan seemed to be too difficult, but before long it proved to be practicable.
But it is specially evil that the young maiden folk are exceedingly bold of speech and bearing, and curse like troopers, to say nothing of their shameful words and scandalous coarse sayings, which one always hears and learns from another.
A knife perhaps, a good sharp one, and a bold man to wield it.
As if to emphasise the point, the report prints the comment in bold type.
Well, he was bold and courageous in his attempts to catch potential employers' attention.
A person who is not afraid to speak up for what he believes, even to people with more power than him, is an example of someone who is bold.
and then it was the pirates who became too bold
In a bold step the management decided to downisize the staff.

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2. audacious audacious

Nasa is planning an audacious mission to catch an asteroid in a giant bag and drag it back to Earth.
an audacious decision
It was an audacious plan but the only question was, would it actually work?
He is one of the most audacious politicians.
For a young black woman in those days, the choice was audacious.
In 1962, Buckminster Fuller presented the particularly audacious proposal for the Geoscope.

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3. daring daring

The gallery was known for putting on daring exhibitions.
daring step
This boy is very daring, he accostes every girl who comes across.
Two rescuers died in a daring attempt to save the drowning people during the flood.
Complete the questionnaire to find out how daring you are.
The same energy of character which renders a man a daring villain would have rendered him useful to society, had that society been well organized.
I can hardly hold my own against his daring.
Flight across the continent was still a daring venture.
It was a daring adventure, full of thrill and excitement.
He returned the next morning and sat on a bench all day, pretending to read a book, not daring to go
As I have said, this is an ambitious and daring strategy.
a daring strapless dress in black silk
I felt daring yesterday so I asked my boss for an extra week’s holiday!
She was wearing a fairly daring (= short) skirt that barely covered her bottom.
It was one of the most daring things she'd ever done.

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