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incroyable Englisch:

1. unbelievable unbelievable

It is unbelievable that he did something like that.
The cheering inside the stadium was unbelievable.
Li Na played unbelievable tennis to win the US Open Championship.
This story might sound unbelievable but it is true.
And... you look unbelievable in these jeans. / The strange, almost unbelievable, story of Robert Scott Carey... began on a very ordinary summer day. / You're unbelievable, you know that?
It's unbelievable how lucky she's been.
Conditions in the prison camp were unbelievable.
It's unbelievable how lucky she's been. The cold was unbelievable
The film was so unbelievable, I couldn't watch it.
The opportunities are unbelievable.
The end of the film was unbelievable! I never thought he might be an alien.
it is unbelievable that...
The food at that restaurant is unbelievable!
Yes, that was amazing. Unbelievable!

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2. amazing amazing

It's amazing.
What's the most amazing scenery you've ever seen?
The international space station is an amazing feat of engineering.
I was very nervous at first, but the pilot was very kind and he took us to some amazing places.
Jack's adventures are more amazing than those of the hero in many thrillers.
An admiring fan once asked Christopher Columbus how he managed to procure funding for all of his amazing journeys. Columbus then took the fan to an abandoned alley, took out a pistol, and said "That's how".
Wha? Study, reflexes, all the parameters are MAX! You've even saved money up to the limit ... Amazing.
The adaptability of humans in difficult circumstances is nothing short of amazing.
Amazing! This moving a story is a first for me! It's truly an epic among epics!
Isn't it amazing how one is poor though rich, while the other is rich though poor?
The creatures were struck dead, one after the other, with amazing precision and effectiveness.
Boston Dynamic's robot, RHex, is an amazing piece of work that can run over various terrains.
In the last five and a half weeks we’ve seen and done some amazing things.
The best thing about Beirut is the people. Their hospitality is amazing.
I find it amazing that in the Slavic languages the word “sweet” originally meant “salty”!

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3. incredible incredible

The Beatles set the world on fire with their incredible music.
As incredible as it seems, he is a really strong guy.
At this hour, there is incredible traffic.
Mr Frey's wedding was incredible!
And I came across an incredible story about the painting elephants of Thailand.
I want the evening to be incredible. / This is an absolutely incredible day. I don't know what to say.
It's incredible that you could write such a well-designed program after just picking up programming by imitation.
Tomorrow will be the first time I take the plane, incredible, no?
Even specialists do not understand this incredible accident.
The US judicial system and press are incredible: One day you're a poor examplary housewife, victim of a rape, the next, you're an illegal immigrant, having committed perjury and being suspected of whitewashing drug money.
It was incredible. You could see his paw print on the key of the phone.
Winning the game gave me an incredible feeling.
It’s incredible that the passengers survived the crash.
It seemed incredible that she had been there a week already.

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