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छूट Englisch:

1. concession

We would appreciate it if you grant us this concession.
sometimes you have to make concessions
A compromise requires concessions on both sides.
travel concessions for pensioners
To qualify for travel concessions you have to be 60.
This pub runs alcohol concession.
A concession on his part allowed me to pass this exam.
You have to be prepared to make concessions in a relationship.
He stated firmly that no concessions will be made to the terrorists. Some politicians fear that agreeing to the concession would set a dangerous precedent. You can get travel concessions if you are under 26.
both sides make concessions and they reach some kind of compromise
concession in talks/negotiations
His only concession was that we were allowed to sit down during the speeches.
Maybe we can negotiate a concession regarding the deal
Please let us know your conditions for making the concession.