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लाभ Englisch:

1. benefits

The company provides health care and life insurance benefits for all of its employees.
Benefits are in effect.
Similarly, the strongest reasons for stopping are usually the short-term benefits (for example, feeling healthier and more attractive).
Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.
Australians are, on the whole, pleased with the stabilizing benefits of their political system.
young people potentially losing their benefits if they leave the initiative.
In marriage, settling down benefits men more than women.
We can say that there's not a clear winner in terms of a policy to curtail medical expenses and benefits.
Working, healthy people contribute to the reduction of medical expenses, the rise of the eligible age for benefits, and the curtailment of their costs.
With the improvement of the economic situation, some curbs on social benefits were put in place.
People prefer to live in a country where social social benefits are very generous.
extra benefits
Work is not only important for economic benefits, the salary, but also for social and psychological needs, the feeling of doing something for the good of society.
The Waterfront's success could mean that other cities soon follow, creating areas that offer people a new kind of city living, with all the benefits and none of the stress, noise and pollution of crowded centres.

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