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Bahasa Indonesia - English

dangkal Englisch:

1. shallow

This river becomes shallow at that point.
After killing Tom, Mary buried him in a shallow grave.
This plate is shallow
And it was a long way down to the river, and the river was shallow and fast.
Due to the size of the iPad Pro the keyboard is quite large and the keys are well spaced, but they are quite shallow which takes some getting used to.
shallow breathing
It's still shallow, eh. My feet still touch the bottom. "It's quite a shallow beach. Yotsuba, you can still touch the bottom can't you?"
The curriculum of this school is wide and shallow.
Between you and me, he's a shallow thinker.
And all of the other shallow things will not matter
But I want to jump up to shallow water now and look at some creatures that are positively amazing.
If he's only interested in your looks, that shows how shallow he is.
She started at the driver's chest. He was breathing, but the motion was shallow.
It will be hard for him to do this job as he has shallow knowledge of this field.
The river that flows through our city is very shallow