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massa Englisch:

1. mass

Mass production reduced the price of many goods.
Newspapers, television, and radio are called the mass media.
weapons of mass destruction
The victims of the genocide were buried in mass graves spread over 25 square kilometers.
Mass is a Catholic ceremony of remembering Jesus Christ by eating and drinking.
Today, through radio and television, mass advertising can reach millions of people at a time with its messages.
Compare unidirectional mass media such as radio and television with bidirectional ones such as correspondence and the Internet.
A strike is a mass refusal to work by a body of employees.
A man who concentrates before a work of art is absorbed by it. In contrast, the distracted mass absorbs the work of art.
The job-seeking season is starting earlier each year and it's the mass media that are causing that trend by moving up their job interview schedule.
The government is trying to solve the problem of mass unemployment.
трудящиеся массы the working masses
A furious mass was shouting and singing.
Do you attend masses? I met my friend at the mass yesterday.
mass actions, events, or activities involve a large number of people at the same time

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2. bulk

If you bought them in vast bulks, you could get them at a little under 400 dollars.
Women still do bulk of domestic work.
He buys in bulk.
His relatives took it for granted that they would inherit the bulk of his wealth.
Young people and migrant workers are the bulk of rural Internet users; in terms of online music, online games, online film and television, and the Internet's capacity for entertainment, rural Internet users are equivalent to urban ones.
The bull was sleeping in the middle of the road, blocking the way with its bulk.
The bulk fibres are reduced in length using a crushing procedure and a representative sub-sample dispersed in water.
bulk e-mail = one message sent to many recipients
The box's bulk made it difficult to carry
to reduce a bulk
The bulk of our assistance goes to the countryside - particularly to the delta - which is still recovering from cyclone Nargis.
He would provide the bulk of the money to buy the team. He was careful not to drop any of his bulk.
The bulk of the risk is not in machines being evil or hating humans but rather that they are indifferent to humans and that in pursuit of their own goals we humans would suffer as a side effect.
If you buy in bulk it'll be a lot cheaper than going to the local shop every week.
You can get anything less expensive in bulk.

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