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rapporto Englisch:

1. rapport rapport

I have a great rapport with my workmates. We all get along really well.
I know how to built rapport with clients.
I've got a good rapport with her
she was able to establish a good rapport with the children
to establish a rapport
The rapport that can be built through community.
your aim is to build rapport during the meeting
She understood the importance of establishing a close rapport with clients.
A good babysitter should know how to develop and maintain a positive rapport with children and their parents.
rapport with/between, He had an excellent rapport with his patients.
We'd worked together for years and developed a close/good rapport.
The first step to successful cooperation is developing rapport.
The first thing you have to do is develop cooperation, rapport.
A successful sales rep can establish great rapport—not only with their customers, but also with their internal team.
Last week, he told the court that he and Ms Norvill had enjoyed a "very sparky, congenial rapport

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