das Wörterbuch georgisch Minus Englisch

ქართული - English

ვარსკვლავი Englisch:

1. Star Star

The movie star ate crow many times because of all the thoughtless things she said.
Star baseball players are often asked for autographs.
Look, a shooting star!
The Milky Way is a vast belt of distant stars, each star a sun like ours.
I began to draw the letter "K" like an incomplete star, because it's one of the symbols that represent Kylie Minogue.
The discovery of a new type of meal contributes more to humankind than the discovery of a new star.
Spain has won the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the national team logo gains the first star.
Pooja, the elegant lady with mellifluous voice, is to star in an upcoming Bollywood movie.
I lifted my daughter up so she could put the star on top of the Christmas tree.
I love any film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger!
This film stars Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt.
Geoge Clooney stars in many films / He has already starred in five films.
In the latest film, she starred as a single mother.
When I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming a star like Seiko Matsuda.
The Tanabata Festival is often called the Star Festival. August 7th, the day of the festival, is said to be the only time when a pair of lovers, stars separated by the Milky Way, can see each other.