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carrière Englisch:

1. career career

His political career has ended.
Singer and actress Selena Gomez started her career at age seven on the children's public television show "Barney and Friends."
No matter what your profession, or how happy you may be in it, there are moments when you wish you had chosen some other career.
I had been at a loss as to what career to decide on, but your advice has helped me to see the light regarding my future.
You should invest a little bit of your income into your career in these tough economic times.
Appointing Cuddles the Bear to the position of Secretary of Defense was one of the defining mistakes of Dolly's brief career as president of the People's Democratic Republic of Tea Time.
The life lesson: giving people the benefit of the doubt can further your career and personal relationships!
Career opportunities, flex-time, satellite offices, and more childcare facilities are required to make women at home join the work force.
Weakness brought on by a number of respiratory ailments had forced him just last week to announce that he was giving up his conducting career.
He began his career with a small vegetable cart which he took around from house to house.
He had a wonderful career in front of him. / George had recently graduated from a Journalism college. He had always enjoyed writing, so he looked forward to his new career.
I'm going to see your father today, about career counselling. "You don't need to bother with that."
Shortly after coming back to France, he decided to abandon his career as an economist in order to dedicate himself to his true passion: writing, in Spain.
Inventors and geniuses have almost always been looked on as no better than fools at the beginning of their career, and very frequently at the end of it also.
Her prose is full of needlessly florid, cliched descriptions, securing her career as a romance novelist.

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