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flexibele Englisch:

1. flexible flexible

I'm not flexible enough to sit in the lotus position.
I'm flexible
She is flexible in her opinions.
Our thinking is flexible.
My body is not so flexible as it used to be.
We should adopt flexible tactics for the moment.
With all that choice around, future companies will have to be very flexible in order to quickly adapt to the changing environments if they are to survive
He works flexible hours at the airport.
I'm more flexible now I stretch every day.
Partnerships are easy to set up and flexible to run.
You have to learn to be a bit more flexible; not everything goes smoothly and you must adapt accordingly.
Our maths teacher is rather flexible so we could try and ask him to change the date of the test
Proper stretching assures flexible muscles.
You can save money if you’re flexible about where your room is located.
The high-tech industry is quick to praise the benefits of flexible communication.