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hoogtepunt Englisch:

1. highlight

The highlight of my visit to Paris was dining at the Richelieu.
the highlight of the day
are they showing the match life or just recorded highlights?
Definition the highlights of an event or experience are the best and most exciting or interesting aspects of it
The Singular Value Decomposition is a highlight of linear algebra.
sports highlights
The highlight of this museum is Imelda Marcos's massive shoe collection.
The report highlights the need for improved safety.
highlight corruption
I've highlighted the bits I need to remember for the exam.
He highlighted the importance of the project.
if you highlight something, you talk or write about it in a way that draws special attention to it because you think it is an important part of what you are saying
I would like to highlight three main points in the reports that we are discussing.
Your resume should highlight your skills and achievements.
That weekend in Venice was definitely the highlight of our trip

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