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1. gullible

Tom discovered just how gullible Mary was.
Dana is so gullible, she would believe anything
I'm a bit gullible - I often believe the crazy stories my friends tell me.
I'm amazing gullible, everyone's able to lie me.
He took all of her money. She is so gullible.
There are any number of miracle cures on the market for people gullible enough to buy them.
a gullible person is easy to trick because they trust and believe people too easily
It's amazing how gullible people are, he said to himself.
The island was bought from gullible inhabitants of Mannahata.
a gullible person is easily persuaded to believe something
These overpriced souvenirs are sold to gullible tourists.
They take advantage of gullible tourists.
Surely you weren't gullible enough to believe all that?
You are very gullible
The word "gullible" is not in the dictionary.