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1. extended

He extended his right arm.
The workers complained when their working hours were extended.
The subway line is going to be extended out this way.
Tokyo was really wonderful and the welcome the Japanese extended to us was also just as wonderful.
Recently, the increasing diversity of computer use has extended far beyond the realms of the office.
an extended warranty
He won the race easily without being fully extended.
The impudent child extended her legs across my lap.
Recently communism has extended its power.
Wishing to be sincere in their thoughts, they first extended to the utmost their knowledge. Such extension of knowledge lay in the investigation of things.
From Sendai I extended my journey to Aomori.
As he unhesitatingly extended his arm towards me, he came to touch my private areas.
He extended the knowledge of biochemistry.
Which words does he use to describe the use of e-cigarettes for an extended period of time?
Conversely, engaging in extended practice may influence how genes are turned on and off in the body.

2. extensively

one of the first architectural historians to write extensively about these architects and their work
work extensively
n animals, imatinib and/ or its metabolites were extensively excreted in milk.
I have travelled extensively in Europe.
I really want to pass this exam so I started practicing extensively
An extensively retouched image of a rabbit drive taking place in South Australia, circa 1930
Something that happens extensively occurs in a wide or broad way — on a large scale or across a large area. Road Salts: Extensively used, but are they safe?
I am pleased that these recommendations extensively touch on these concerns
Though he'd read extensively on the subject of ancient Egypt, he couldn't answer a single question.
The news covers celebrity rehab stories extensively enough to avoid talking about war or corruption.
She was burned so extensively that her children no longer recognized her.
Dr. Svensen researched the issue so extensively that his bibliography makes up half the weight of his book.

3. extensive

I've done extensive research on this topic.
Those selected will have to face extensive medical and psychological tests.
The hirricane caused extensive damage.
extensive room service menu
Extensive reading is as important as intensive reading.
Forested wetlands are the subject of extensive USDA research.
Twice a year he sends his car in for extensive detailing.
The server farm suffered extensive breakage after the earthquake.
The day being fine, I felt amply repaid for my walk through the extensive and finely-wooded grounds, numerously stocked with deer.
The subway system in large cities like Paris and Tokyo is very extensive. It isn't extensive in Vancouver.
an extensive garden
You have an extensive periodontal disease.
Why was the damage so extensive?
the gardens at the palace are extensive; her knowledge of the mortgage-backed securities market is extensive
Another organizational feature of this Guide is that I have made extensive use of overview topics

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