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1. roof roof

When Dad finds out what you've done, he's going to hit the roof.
There can be walls without a roof, but no roof without walls.
dome roof
roof terrace
The large siheyuans of these high-ranking officials and wealthy merchants often featured beautifully carved and painted roof beams and pillars and carefully landscaped gardens.
Not bad—not bad at all. This is quite a gathering of talent to have under one roof.
When the full moon falls down on the roof at night, all the farmers are woken up.
How is it that otherwise reasonable people come to believe that this same roof, that practically vanishing commodity, is freely obtainable just by packing up and going to another country?
Tomorrow I'm going to throw a watermelon off the roof of a five-story building just for the hell of it.
hip roof. gable roof. flat roof
A woman whose tongue grew out of the roof of her mouth soon found herself surrounded by overeager linguists.
I don't mind since I'm used to it, but the first guy who thought about making a hearse with a golden roof on top of it, he must have had quite bad taste.
(Personal protective equipment provides adequate safety when doing small jobs on a roof such as repairs or painting that require no more than one day and when working on the edge of the roof or in the vicinity of the gable.