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1. speech speech

a campaign speech
Because the voices of protest grew louder and louder, his speech couldn't be heard.
He was making a speech, but he broke off when he heard a strange noise.
A person giving a speech should stand where everyone can see him.
His dress is that of gentleman, but his speech and behavior are those of a clown.
I get really bad performance anxiety before I give a speech.
You have the right to free speech, but not the right to slander.
There is a fine line between speech that is terse and to the point and speech that is too abrupt.
I'm the type who gets nervous in front of people, so I'm bad at speech making.
I could understand the first few sentences, but the rest of his speech was all Greek to me.
A scholar made an excellent speech about human rights.
He used so much inflated language in his speech today I couldn't figure out what he was saying.
The Cockney mode of speech, with its unpleasant twang, is a modern corruption without legitimate credentials, and is unworthy of being the speech of any person in the capital city of the Empire.
Truthful speech is not elegant, and elegant speech is not truthful. Good words are not persuasive, and persuasive words are not good. The knowledgeable are not many, and the many are not knowledgeable.
Don't be afraid to show yourself through speech and take every opportunity to speak to others in English and soon you will feel right at home in informal conversational situations.

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