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turnering Englisch:

1. tournament tournament

We have a soccer tournament in May.
Twenty teams entered the tournament.
High school baseball teams competed with one another at the tournament.
The English team beat the Brazilian team in the international soccer tournament.
That athlete won three times in a row in this tournament.
For sure, she'll win the championship in the tournament.
People buy these tickets many months before the tournament starts.
His leg will prevent him from participating in a tennis tournament.
He decided to play it safe and pull out of the tournament due to his injured knee.
The top eight players survived the ninth day of the tournament.
This is my last tournament, no matter what happens. / 2. Arranging that tournament was actually a fabulous idea. / 3. You win the tournament, you win their respect. / 4. Mr. Daytona, we'll see you at the tournament.
They came here for the basketball tournament. (Oni przyjechali tutaj na turniej koszykówki.) The tournament is open to players of both sexes. (Turniej jest otwarty dla zawodników obu płci.)
The tournament took place in London.
Tim got through to the tennis final easily and won the tournament.
It was annoying, as the manager took his team to a near-miss in the tournament.