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villig Englisch:

1. willing

If you want to sound like a native speaker, you must be willing to practice saying the same sentence over and over in the same way that banjo players practice the same phrase over and over until they can play it correctly and at the desired tempo.
I know that it is highly unlikely that anyone would be willing to help me.
Why do you insist on paying for your school expenses yourself, when your parents are willing to give you financial support?
The convicted drug dealer was willing to comply with the authorities to have his death sentence reduced to a life sentence.
God willing...
I think this not a method that I can really recommend unless you are willing to risk failure.
However, although our companions were willing, they knew nothing about management or getting money.
You will learn your lessons only in so far as you are willing to keep studying them.
The amount of time someone is willing to spend on something may communicate how important it is to him.
Ray was willing to corroborate Gary's story, but the police were still unconvinced that either of them were telling the truth.
The "Coalition of the Willing" is a phrase that refers to the countries that fought together against Iraq in the Iraq War.
This opportunity for success in forming a partnership is a big one; the key lies in whether you are willing to work hard and invest in it, and that is all.
He said the unions are willing to discuss other options, but “the phone hasn’t rung in a long, long time.”
I'm willing to give you another chance. / I'm willing to take the risk. / You were willing to die to save them. / We are willing to forgive you.
Right now there are 2 types of Spaniards: the ones who are willing to vote for corrupt and indicted politicians, and the ones that aren't.