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żeglarstwo Englisch:

1. sailing sailing

I started sailing last year.
Bad weather prevented them from sailing.
She was looking forward to going sailing with him.
I belong to the sailing club.
If it is fine tomorrow, I will go sailing with my friends.
Tom doesn't know much about sailing, does he?
Sailing a boat, his chief hobby, costs him most of his salary.
I would if I could, but I'm taking sailing lessons this week.
It seems, from books, that the colonizers and adventurers went sailing off to a new fine life, a new country, opportunities, and so forth.
Sailing a boat makes us happy.
I’d love to learn sailing. I’d have the freedom to travel around the world in my own boat.
Trust me. It'll be plain sailing.
I am engrossed in sailing.
On our holiday in Greece, we went sailing around the islands on a small boat.
I went sailing on a big lake near my house.

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2. seamanship seamanship

required level of seamanship skills

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3. yachting yachting

I often go yachting on weekends.

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4. seafaring seafaring

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5. boating boating

I got soaked boating down river.
We ​decided to go boating.

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