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ankieta Englisch:

1. survey survey

The fee includes the payment for professional services needed to complete the survey.
For the time being, I will wait for the result of the survey.
to survey
She carried out a survey about the TV programmes young people prefer
Please fill in the customer satisfaction survey.
In the OECD survey, northern European countries are keeping their high ranking in tax-rates.
In the absence of sufficient data, the survey was given up.
That does not, however, stop thousands of people from using drones for a plethora of purposes, including videography, sheep herding, product delivery and crop surveying.
We used to compile survey results using spreadsheet programs but recently we feel that database software's summing methods are quicker so we use databases to total them.
I’m imagining a sort of ‘State of Oxford’ survey.
In any case, a survey, carried out, by the Italian authorities, revealed, many, irregularities.
19% of those surveyed say they haven't decided who they will vote for.
Another survey recently revealed that women currently shop online more than men.
Can I ask you some questions for a survey about exercise and sport?'
In a survey we did at school, one hundred pupils were asked what they thought about the facilities.

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2. a poll

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3. questionnaire

I'll mail this questionnaire as soon as I finish.
The questionnaire form was distributed properly.
I don't feel like filling out this questionnaire. There are too many items.
Please fill out this questionnaire and send it to us.
The questionnaire of this morning was really complicated.
Let's do this questionnaire.
Students were asked to fill out a questionnaire.
I'm preparing a questionnaire for my market research.
Please fill in the questionnaire
The study was based on questionnaires given to the children's parents.
The questionnaire consists of 25 questions.
We made a class questionnaire to see what most people do to help the environment.
In pairs, interview your partner with the holiday questionnaire.
The travel company asked us to fill in a questionnaire about our holiday experience.
Say, shall we try a questionnaire with the boarding students? "Ah! One of those things they call 'marketing research'."

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4. polling

a polling station
When you update the designated repository, anew build is triggered, as long as the Pipeline is configured with an SCM polling trigger
He is seriously competing with her in the polling score.
The "People's Choice" award, by public polling, was announced again this year and Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts were selected as the most popular male, and female, film actors.

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