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1. boot boot

My boyfriend bought me these boots for Christmas.
I usually wear high boots in winter to protect me from snow.
If the car boot is full, put that bag on the back seat.
Where is my other boot?
The Stars must be kicking themselves for giving him the boot.
And, we get each other's company to boot.
I always keep a blanket and a toolkit in the boot for emergencies.
I bought myself a new pair of winter boots.
Sam lost his boot.
I wear vegan boots.
I need to buy some new boots before my walking holiday in the Alps next month.
My mom doesn't even know how to boot a laptop, not to mention typing.
His boots are made of the finest Corinthian leather.
Those high-heeled boots are very expensive. / Can you open the car boot?
The boot is not big enough to transport this piece of furniture.

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2. trunk trunk

this car has really big trunk
In seconds, he had heaved his trunk to the front door.
The trunk was too heavy for him to manage.
Is your trunk locked?
Elephants drink water with their trunks.
There's a checkpoint at the border where they look in your trunk.
According to research by Gunnar Samuelsson, Jesus may not have died on a cross. Instead, it's possible that he died on a pole or a tree trunk.
An elephant's trunk is a proboscis.
In fact, they really do paint by holding a brush in their trunks.
The definition of a trunk is the main base of a tree. An example of a trunk is the part of a tree from which the branches extend.
He had left most of his records in a trunk in the attic.
This sport car doesn’t have a big trunk, but the speed and the way it looks compensate for that.
She curled her trunk around her beloved baby.
The trunk of the tree had been struck by lightning and that's why it had fallen over.
"Ron hasn't put all his new things in his trunk yet," said Percy, in a long-suffering voice.

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3. car boot car boot

Fitting lots of different things into the car boot is always my duty.

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4. car trunk car trunk

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