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1. pitch pitch

For many companies, pitching to investors has become almost a full-time job.
pitch black
Her voice has a really high pitch. (Jej głos ma naprawdę wysoki ton.) Her voice was very quiet and low in pitch. (Jej głos był bardzo cichy i o niskim tonie.)
She pitched her idea to me over a business lunch. They are pitching for business at the moment.
Within a few minutes, he was making his pitch.
Even people with perfect pitch sometimes have a hard time with Mandarin, let alone Cantonese.
The Kansai dialects are said to have a "sing-song" quality because their pitch accents differ from standard Japanese, which comes from the Tokyo dialect.
Here ... the sound of the cicadas is different. "Oh my, I'm impressed you noticed. You've got a good sense of pitch!"
The standard pitch A is used as referential pitch for tuning most of all instruments and is set to 440 Hertz.
So let us summon a new spirit of patriotism, of responsibility, where each of us resolves to pitch in and work harder and look after not only ourselves but each other.
his agent began to receive calls from Hollywood agents keen to pitch their clients for roles in the western
The thread is nominally 34 mm in diameter, with a pitch of two threads per mm (M34x0.5mm).
The ​piano and ​organ were ​tuned to the same pitch
how to pitch your design and sell it to the client. to pitch = to persuade
The man in the shop gave me his sales pitch about quality and reliability.

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2. playing field playing field

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3. field field

An expert is someone who knows some of the worst mistakes that can be made in his field, and how to avoid them.
English has ‘borrowed’ many words from other languages, for example in the field of music from Italian, Greek, and French.
gravitational field
This oil field used to produce an order of magnitude more oil as it does now.
I gave an answer that was way out in left field when the teacher caught me off-guard and called on me.
Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.
I hope to make clear why I think Emmet's theory, originally introduced in the field of design architecture, is so important in physics.
The exclusion of mathematics from the field of culture is like intellectual castration.
When the All Blacks came out onto the field a roar like 'woooaahh' swept over the crowd.
The car dove into the field and, after bumping along for a time, came to a halt.
Fans of the original comic had a field day with the myriad continuity issues of the movie adaptation.
Is that some sort of uniform? "Oh right, it's because I play field hockey."
The state of the art is the highest level of development, as of a device, technique, or scientific field, achieved at a particular time.
I plan to watch a game at the baseball field the day after tomorrow.
At night, she used to dream of the country and the field of daisies and the apple trees dancing in the moonlight.

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4. sports field sports field

Can we play volleyball on the sports field?
The sports field was soggy from the heavy rain.

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5. playground playground

At the other side of the playground, I looked back again.
I don’t think teenagers should be allowed in children’s playgrounds.
Every playground has its bully.
Please go to the playground to play.
The playground is divided into three areas by white lines.
I saw them play baseball in the playground.
Visitors to the playground must provide ID.
My school didn’t even have a playground.
This is the playground.
Tom is playing with his friend in the playground
We spend our breaks in the playground
School being over, there were only a small number of pupils in the playground.
Children are to the playground what leaves are to the forest.
He's on the playground, surrounded by 12-year-olds twice a day, five times a week! How do you expect him to be mature?
I like to go to the park and watch the children in the playground enjoying themselves.

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6. court court

Prosecutors in court have to substantiate their claims in order to prove a suspect is guilty.
The attitude of the court toward young criminals is different from its attitude toward adult criminals.
For the crime of first degree murder, this court hereby sentences you to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
In Shakespeare's time, in the sixteenth century, tennis was very popular at the English court.
In court role judge.
King Henry VIII had a tennis court at Hampton Court, his palace on the River Thames, not very far from London.
That is why the U.S. government has gone to court to protect the right of women and girls to wear the hijab, and to punish those who would deny it.
There appeared at this time a lady at Court, who drew the eyes of the whole world; and one may imagine she was a perfect beauty, to gain admiration in a place where there were so many fine women.
The judge, though a stickler for the dignity of the bench, was a great pipe smoker and allowed the attorneys the privilege of smoking in court.
The state court effected unconstitutional legislation without the federal government noticing.
In court facing charges of obscenity, the American actress Mae West was asked by the judge if she was trying to show disrespect to the court, whereupon she answered, "No, your honor, I'm trying not to show it".
Also as they are in an intimate relationship they are in a situation where it is easy for them to suffer from violence and difficult for them to bring complaints about that to court.
The Court has no fears for the safety of the Christian religion. It does not believe that the rock upon which Christianity stands can ever be shaken.
About 14,000 of these usually have tickets for the Center Court.
Never were finer women or more accomplished men seen in any Court, and Nature seemed to have taken pleasure in lavishing her greatest graces on the greatest persons.

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7. football pitch football pitch

A new hospital has been built near the football pitch of the local team.
They built a new football pitch.

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8. ground ground

You're grounded
If time were reversed, raindrops would collect themselves from the ground and fly up to the clouds.
When warm, light, air crosses mountains it rises into the upper atmosphere and does not fall back to the ground. In this, and other, ways wind changes with the terrain.
Kori walked downwards as much as she could and ended up five stories below ground level.
An office building, with 22 stories above ground and 2 below, is under construction.
In the fight to abolish slavery Lincoln knew that he occupied the moral high ground.
There must be a sustained effort to listen to each other; to learn from each other; to respect one another; and to seek common ground.
How much ground beef do we need for this recipe? - About half a kilo, if I remember correctly.
ground for appeal, for divorce, of action
It's not my ground, I don't know anything about physics.
In the mountains it is not until the end of April that the snow disappears completely from the ground.
When the flight crew has their aircraft under control, everything is working normally and yet it still crashes into the ground, that's CFIT.
This is not about my capabilities. Even if I never had heard the slightest sound of english, I still could kneel down and put my face on the ground to show my submission. But who can force me into that?
The opinions that are held with passion are always those for which no good ground exists; indeed the passion is the measure of the holder's lack of rational conviction. Opinions in politics and religion are almost always held passionately.

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9. football field

10. course

Of course.
I love trying out new things, so I always buy products as soon as they hit the store shelves. Of course, half the time I end up wishing I hadn't.
The cultural treasures of the past, believed to be dead, are being made to speak, in the course of which it turns out that they propose things altogether different than what had been thought.
Of course he thought it was a joke and let it slide with a "hm?" but he was seriously annoyed. I mean, just don't say things like that even as a joke!
One of the important differences between Japanese and Americans is that Japanese tend to choose a safe course in life, while Americans choose to explore and challenge life.
In the case of patient death during the course of medical treatment, even if there is medical error present, it is not automatically legally considered to be an "unusual death."
Of course "Hayabusa" is not actually closing in on the Sun, it is just positioned as in the figure so that, seen from the Earth, it is on the opposite side of the Sun; this is called 'conjunction'.
When I first took a C course, I couldn't understand a single thing explained in class. Thank God I got a friend of mine who's a programmer to explain to me how the whole caboodle works.
Have you considered the applicability of a software solution? Of course not. We're a small business that hand-makes wooden cookware.
When he asked for a single slice, they gave him an entire uncut pizza, which he proceeded to eat by rolling it up like a burrito and just shoveling it in. The question, of course, is whether a whole entity is a slice of itself.
If a natural language can be compared to a tree, which has developed during the course of time, Esperanto can be compared to a plastic tree, which was created artificially.
Oi you, that's too much of a rip off by anyone's count! 6:4 is more than enough. Of course I'm the '6'.
Human society is a function of all humanity, those who profit most from it should pay the most for the benefit they gain, of course being greedy, they just want more.
Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring caused riots at its 1913 premiere. These days, of course, music is only capable of causing angry YouTube comment threads.

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