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broda Englisch:

1. beard beard

My beard grows quickly.
Would you like to see your husband grow a beard?
Long beard is very fashionable.
Tom has a beard just like his father, grandfathers and brothers do.
Shaving off your beard took ten years off you.
Tom had a week's worth of beard on his face.
Although he's young, he has a grey beard.
It is beard
Mommy, why don't I have an uncle with a beard?
Possibly because he's got a beard, he looks scary at first glance but he's really a kind man.
His beard made him look older by ten years.
It is almost impossible to bear the torch of truth through a crowd without singeing somebody’s beard.
You can't fill your stomach with the food left on your beard.
My husband had a beard when I first met him, but he’s shaved it off now.
CHAPTER ONE Jean Valjean One evening in October 1815, an hour before sunset, a man with a long beard

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2. chin chin

I pulled the sheet up to my chin.
When my husband died, I had a lot of difficulties keeping my chin up.
The boy caressed the girl's chin and kissed her cheek.
The skin on your chin is irritated.
double chin
You can see Julia´s chin in this picture.
Today I learned a lot of Spanish words and now I know how to say "cheek," "chin," and "knee."
When we arrived at the house, Chin and Chilla were sitting at the top of a broad flight of stairs.
Her arms were wrapped around her knees, her chin rested on her locked hands.
The boxer was hit on the chin and went down for the count.
They got it bent so it's not hitting my chin.
Get your chins wet.
Dad has grown a short beard on his chin and my mum doesn’t like it.
A strong chin means you are independent.
and there's no markings under your chin, so cello.

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3. beard's beard's

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