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ciężki Englisch:

1. heavy heavy

What a heavy bag!
Besides the rain, we experienced heavy winds.
A heavy tax was imposed on whiskey.
Please help me with this heavy baggage.
Some residents took a wait-and-see attitude while others prepared for heavy flooding.
Can you manage to carry that heavy suitcase by yourself?
Who's your favorite heavy metal guitarist?
The heavy fog made it impossible for us to see anything in front of us.
Closer examination revealed that the skull had been crushed by some heavy blow.
Although Eri's suitcase looks heavy, it's actually very light.
Experience is the best of schoolmasters, only the school-fees are heavy.
A heavy purse makes a light heart.
Avoid heavy labor It will be better in two weeks.
Powerlifting is a sport in which athletes compete to lift the maximum sum weight of the three heavy weight events, squat, bench press and deadlift.
He put up a brave and lone struggle, but up against such heavy odds he couldn't get his business plan accepted.

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2. inapt inapt

The court stated it was inapt to criticize the pope.
His comments were perhaps inapt.
inapt comment
Mark's comment on my new girlfriend was very inapt.

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3. weighty weighty

a weightly tome, discuss weighty issues

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4. severe severe

severe life
In severe cases, cracks can form or it can snap apart.
There is a severe shortage of water in this city, so we must give up having a bath occasionally.
The stages of psychosexual development—oral, anal, phallic, latent, and genital—turn out to be one big Freudian slip, betraying severe anal retention on the part of the taxonomist.
Company A is trying to play us off against Company B in a severe price-war.
Happy him who with ease can steer, from grave to gay, from lively to severe.
Major Cold: It's the day of the year that the cold is most severe, but you could also say that Spring is just coming around the corner.
A cute kitten can make a giggling mess even out of the most severe übermensch.
Holding the Olympics where there's severe atmospheric pollution gives rise to a great risk for athletes.
This is a ​school for ​children with severe ​learning difficulties. In ​parts of ​Africa there is a severe ​food/​water ​shortage. There is ​expected to be a severe ​frost ​tonight. Severe ​cutbacks in ​public ​spending have been ​announced.
My condition is so severe that I have to go to hospital. The severe winter killed all of our farm animals.
20 patients suffered from severe side effects. These effects were caused by medicines not connected with the study.
However, he is very severe to those pupils who do not want to study and dislikes those who are arrogant and conceited.
I burned my hand in the hot water. It was pretty severe, so I went to the hospital.
Stalls also can occur at unusually high speeds in severe turbulence or in low level wind shear

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5. hard hard

Study hard.
A pick is a long handled tool used for breaking up hard ground surfaces.
The hard rain spoiled our hike through the woods.
Mary has a bad back. It's hard for her to lift things.
I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to find another place to live.
He's somewhat hard of hearing, so please speak louder.
It is hard for an old man to change his way of thinking.
His success is attributed more to hard work than to genius.
Whether you succeed or not depends on how hard you study.
A chance to do as we please, especially to do as little hard work as possible, is a secret desire of almost everybody.
Please don't boil the eggs so hard.
Many people in these parts have fallen on hard times.
Just staying alive in these times is hard enough.
My heart is pounding so hard it feels like it's going to explode.
The reason for your failure is that you did not try hard enough.

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6. grievous

My most grievous fault.
You know Grievous Bodily Harm? Just how bad do the injuries have to be before it counts as Grievous?

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7. tough

You're tough.
He won't be easily discouraged, because he's a tough guy.
He seems like a softy on the surface, but at the core he's got an iron will that makes him an extremely tough negotiator.
The heart itself is nothing more nor less than a large, tough, leather-like muscle.
It must be nice having someone who sticks around even when times get tough.
1. A customs officer was asking him lots of tough questions. / 2. Tough luck!
Whoo! Today's practice is tough - much harder than usual.
After having spent so much money on Christmas gifts, she found herself in a tough spot.
You should invest a little bit of your income into your career in these tough economic times.
No sooner had we finished working on one tough problem than the president sent us yet another straight from the top.
I'm sure it's tough taking part in the activities of two clubs, but good luck!
Work on the boat is tough but I can't see myself in any other profession.
The surgeon remarked that his patient was tough and that he should make a full recovery with no aftereffects.
It was a tough job. They asked some tough questions. Recently she’s had a tough time. It’s tough being married to a cop.
Earth we're finding that life in very primitive form exists in the most extreme environments, these are the so called 'extremophiles' that exist at the bottom of the oceans... So life is much, much tougher.

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8. strenuous

He just naturally avoids everything that is intense, difficult or strenuous.
Neither of them cares for strenuous sports.
strenuous activity/trip/effort
You don't need to to strenuous exercise.
She is making strenuous efforts to improve her English.
1. The doctor advised him not to take any strenuous exercise. 2. Aerobics: a series of strenuous exercises which help convert fats, sugars and starches into aches, pains and cramps.
strenuous movements
Avoid tasks which require strenuous physical activity.
My exercise routine is strenuous but it helps me lose weight.
The doctor advised Ken to avoid strenuous exercise. Sherry's been making a strenuous effort to lose weight.
I chose the most strenuous form of exercise.
The fitness training at the local gym is very strenuous and will leave you utterly exhausted.
This work requires a strenuous effort to understand.
"all your muscles need more oxygen during strenuous exercise"
She is a strenuous supporter of women's rights.

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