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1. casual

The fact is apparent to the most casual observer.
A casual remark can hurt someone.
casual clothes
I get the impression we will pay for this casual approach sooner or later.
Even casual observers realize one striking thing about drones — they often have four propellers (but can have anywhere from three to eight) unlike traditional RC helicopters, which have only one main rotor.
The verb 'help' takes to-infinitives and bare infinitives but bare infinitives are said to be the most common in casual text; as also used in this example sentence.
Up to now we've been taking a casual relaxed attitude toward our relationship but I want to start looking at us more critically.
That topic is too intimate to share with casual acquaintances.
I want our relationship to be casual - let's not talk about getting married just yet!
The interview took place around the kitchen table and was very casual.
 His voice was casual, but Harry couldn't help noticing that Mr. Weasley's ears had gone red, just like Ron's did when he was under Pressure.
Mono-casual, that is, caused by one thing.
It won't be an elegant party, so you can put on something casual.
Why can female staff in Canterbury wear casual clothes but the men have to wear shirts and ties?
You really need to take your studies more seriously if you want to succeed – your attitude is far too casual

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2. daily

The daily trek to midtown Manhattan takes about an hour and a half.
He writes a daily journal, and that inspired me to try doing the same thing, but in English.
daily tasks
Are there any markets or supermarkets around here? Is it convenient for daily shopping?
This shopping district is the only high street in the local area; it stocks the whole line-up from products for daily life to school study equipment.
Working in a society gives women both hardship and achievement, but the daily chores at home don't seem to give them fulfillment.
Much of our daily living must consist of routine that requires little or no mental effort.
The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread.
Isn't it better to get drunk and cut loose once in a while and blow off the tension of daily frustration?
If you have no way to buy food, clothing, accommodation and other such daily necessities, you definitely won't be able to have peace of mind.
He buys newspaper twice daily - is this some kind of addiction?
It's the prevention of migraines during daily life that's important, not dealing with migraines when they occur.
In my daily life I take care in various ways of my body so as not to damage my health.

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3. everyday

everyday life
Hobbies take your mind off the worries of everyday life.
If you want to sound like a native speaker, it's easier if you choose one dialect and stick with it. Native speakers don't usually mix dialects in everyday speaking.
Most of the plain, simple, everyday things he desires can be secured by people of average means.
In everyday life we have many obligations and responsibilities.
At the very least, I'd like to be able to have everyday conversations.
Because it is politics that has caused this war, making the war our everyday reality.
Let's listen to the people of Deal talk about their jobs and their everyday lives.
Even his everyday speech was an off-the-cuff, tangential, disjointed narrative.
You should only buy such things as you need for your everyday life.
The narration is written in the first person singular because it is fictionally taken from the man's everyday journal.
Everyday physical exercise is indispensable to your health.
They not only washed off the sweat, dirt and cares of the day in the hot water, but also enjoyed gossiping about everyday affairs.
Look! Thanks to you I'm getting dumped all the time. "Oh? Isn't it just because of your everyday behaviour?"
Definition everyday things and activities are very normal and not unusual in any way

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4. day to day

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