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czarujący Englisch:

1. bewitchingly

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2. glamorous

She's a glamorous girl.
Tutoring has become a glamorous profession.
When they dressed me up and made me so glamorous, I was shocked.
Welcome to Cannes, the most glamorous film festival in the world.
The glamorous Hollywood film star appeared, wrapped in diamonds and fur.
She was ​looking very glamorous.
Emilio’s assistant mentioned the names of some particularly glamorous actresses
The house's interior was never glamorous, say people who have been inside.
You always looks so glamorous. How long does it take you to get ready?
She led an exciting and glamorous life.
Well, he thought, at 24 a lot of things still seem glamorous.
she is on of the most glamorous girl
Show business is really glamorous.
Many years ago flying used to be glamorous. Now it's just a pain in the neck!

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3. charming

Let's drink to our charming hostess!
Your eccentricities can make you either charming or tedious.
You look charming!
Jane is fat and rude, and smokes too much. However, Ken thinks she's lovely and charming. That's why they say love is blind.
Charming, you are, my dear.
You were always a perfect 'superhuman' to an infuriating extent, and so that 'habit' was actually one of your cute, or rather charming, attributes.
One day, Chris discovered the charming girl of his dreams.
What a charming name. They left me to tidy it all up myself. Charming, wasn't it?
Nicola’s new boyfriend is charming and friendly.
This village is so charming I decided to buy a weekend cottage here
What a charming lady! I could spend hours talking to her.
Your charming doesn't work on me.
He has been so charming, now I can't stop thinking about him.
You are charming when you smile. / 2. Good night, and thank you for a charming evening. / 3. They say you are charming and clever.
The megalomaniac differs from the narcissist by the fact that he wishes to be powerful rather than charming, and seeks to be feared rather than loved. To this type belong many lunatics and most of the great men of history.

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4. enchanting

She had an enchanting personality, which made her irresistible to men.
I mean, he's such an enchanting guy.

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5. enthralling

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6. lovely

What lovely flowers!
America is a lovely place to be, if you are here to earn money.
Japan, for the most part, is a lovely place to live.
He hit the jackpot with his date. She was lovely and intelligent.
Here, if the weather's good, you can get a lovely view.
The trees that line the street have lovely blossoms in spring.
Your lovely voice was very pleasant to my ears.
It is really lovely to go up Mt. Hakodate and look at the night view of Hakodate city.
Don't forget to give my best regards to your lovely wife.
Chris cannot control his passion for the lovely new girl in town.
Whenever we have such lovely rain, I recall the two of us, several years ago.
Jane is fat and rude, and smokes too much. However, Ken thinks she's lovely and charming. That's why they say love is blind.
The building is built of marble of a most lovely color.
What a glorious fall day. This is what they mean by the lovely weather you get after a storm.
When he first heard her lovely voice over the phone, he fell head over heels for her.

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