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dziadkowie Englisch:

1. grandparents grandparents

Tom's grandparents invited him for Christmas.
I live with my mother, brother and my grandparents.
She lives in the same house her grandparents lived in.
I am constantly amazed at the energy of my grandparents.
The children were sleeping when their grandparents called them.
After their parents died, their grandparents brought them up.
Are your grandparents alive?
Our grandparents would come to see us on the weekends.
While most of us are significantly better off financially than our parents and grandparents, happiness levels haven't changed to reflect that.
The children were delighted to see their grandparents whom they had not seen for quite a long time.
Sarah gets very bored listening to her grandparents rambling on about old times.
On the Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day, we visit our grandparents and do nice things for them.
I didn`t know that your grandparents live with you.
My grandparents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary lastmonth.
Bill was sent to live with his grandparents while his mother studied to become a nurse.

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2. grandfathers grandfathers

Both his grandfathers are dead.
Tom has a beard just like his father, grandfathers and brothers do.

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