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1. children children

I have two children.
Half a million children still face malnutrition in Niger.
Even though Tom begged Mary not to go, she left with the children and went to live with her mother.
Nowadays we want our children to make their own decisions, but we expect those decisions to please us.
There are mothers and fathers who will lie awake after the children fall asleep and wonder how they'll make the mortgage, or pay their doctor's bills, or save enough for their child's college education.
Sooner or later, every parent has to have a talk with their children about the birds and the bees.
Hearing about people kidnapping little children just makes my blood boil.
Since they had no children of their own, they decided to adopt a little girl.
Our children are anxious to have bicycles like those of the children next door.
Young children cannot determine what is right and what is wrong.
How much time do you spend every day helping your children with their homework?
You should always spend time doing things that help your children get ahead in life.
Some children brought peanut butter sandwiches, some ham, and others cheese.
The ladies are looking after the children whose parents are employed in factories during the daytime.
If you are a parent, don't allow yourself to set your heart on any particular line of work for your children.

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2. kids kids

Knowing how much school for my kids is costing, it's impossible to relax with a beer and take it easy.
Kids, listen!
Be nice to your kids. They'll choose your nursing home, after all.
Lately I see a lot of parents getting divorced. I wonder if the idea of kids being a bond between their parents is just a thing of the past.
Kids these days think that any issue in life can be resolved as easily as restarting a computer game.
Some kids start to carry on at a supermarket when they are not allowed to buy some candy or other treat.
Don't think about leaving money for your kids, use it all up and enjoy yourself with flair.
At this time of day, most customers are adults here to exercise, there aren't that many kids.
See how much freer you feel at the keyboard after practicing your scales like the other kids?
Being at the concert hall full of young kids made an old duffer like me feel out of tune.
Kids these days have no imagination whatsoever. Only a nationwide revolution and sweeping economic reform will bring the hoop and stick back into vogue.
Somehow, a nearly bankrupt third-party publisher flashed the new Castlevania game onto the memory incompletely. As a result, an entire generation of kids in Macon, Georgia unanimously condemned it as "Simon Does Nothing but Fall into a Bottomless Pit."
Never lose sight of the importance of a beautiful sunrise, or watching your kids sleep, or the smell of rain. It's often the small things that really matter in life.
My mother says Japanese kids aren't naughty, but they live very far away, so Santa Claus doesn't bring them gifts. Thank goodness I was born in Spain.

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3. babies babies

They're both expecting babies.
Typical Japanese babies sleep with their mother after coming home from hospital.
Babies can become dehydrated from a high fever, so I was told that it would be better to send him to the hospital.
A mother rabbit keeps her babies warm with her own body.
It is easy for babies to get sick.
Babies grow up inside the amniotic fluid in the womb.
Atopic dermatitis has been increasing on babies recently.
The candidates are out kissing babies and pumping hands.
Human parents teach some words by giving babies what they ask for.
I found one day in school a boy of medium size ill-treating a smaller boy. I expostulated, but he replied: "The bigs hit me, so I hit the babies; that's fair." In these words he epitomized the history of the human race.
Birds make a nest in the springtime to raise their babies in.
Her daughter has been favoring her husband over her, so Leila has taken the opportunity to spend time with her other babies, gin and vermouth.
Would you please refrain from smoking when babies are here?
Milk is of great value to babies.
Are babies natural or man made?

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