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dziecko Englisch:

1. child child

It's just a child.
Chimpanzees normally have their first child at age 13, humans at age 19.
How do you console a woman who has just lost her only child?
I've heard of pseudomyopia, but I never thought my own child would come to have it.
It is an act of cruelty to lock a small child in his room.
Do you have any siblings? "No, I'm an only child."
Unless you started learning English as a child, you're unlikely to ever sound like a native speaker.
As a new father, I gave my first child plenty of books.
A child develops rapidly between the ages of 13 and 16.
Do you want to get married first or have a child first?
As a child, I liked baseball better than football.
A child whose parents are dead is called an orphan.
Our child seems to be brilliant. Of course, we may be prejudiced.
As soon as the child saw his mother, he stopped crying.
Is it more fun being a child or an adult?

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2. baby baby

The baby is crawling.
A baby deer can stand as soon as it's born.
Mary's husband didn't even stick around until the baby was born.
Although he was weak when he was a baby, now he is very strong.
The baby caught sight of my ballpoint pen and reached out for it.
I left my baby in her care and went shopping.
I had a baby girl the year after I got married.
Every child objects to being treated like a baby.
Tom often acts like a baby when he can't get his way.
Have you decided on a name for your new baby?
I've been trying to teach our baby to eat from a spoon.
I didn't want the baby to catch a cold, so I closed the window.
She went in search of a doctor for her sick baby.
The woman was asked to make allowance for the poor health of the baby.
She’s married and has a six-month-old baby called Mario.

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3. kid kid

Don't kid yourself.
When the kid wanted the latest PlayStation software, he acted like a spoiled child.
Playing country-western music on guitar is real kid stuff to a true professional.
When I was a kid, touching bugs didn't bother me a bit. Now I can hardly stand looking at pictures of them.
My kid can't say "Kinpiragobo", he always says "Kinpirabogo" instead.
I watched Doraemon a lot when I was a kid. But I had no idea he was so large!
When I was a kid, I thought that if I died the world would just disappear. What a childish delusion! I just couldn't accept that the world could continue to exist without me.
Didn't you ever put on rubber boots as a kid and have fun splashing water in puddles?
My grandfather, who collected baseball cards as a kid, used to compare batting averages between players. He started a lot of arguments with his friends that way.
You know a kid called Megumi Noda, right? "Noda?" "Makes weird sounds like 'Hagya', 'Fugi'"
I'd send my kid out on his own for a while if I were you. A few hard knocks at this point might do him some good.
If I ever have a kid myself, I know he’ll enjoy looking at my collection in years to come.
In the city; you choose your community. It may be through work; your football team; your kids’ school; or your colleagues.
Is this kid autistic or does he have ADHD? His behavior is hard to characterize either way.
Normally, a guy who reads light novels despite not being a kid anymore is a retard, don't you think?

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