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głodny Englisch:

1. hungry hungry

There is an urgent need for the international community to help feed hungry children.
Considering all I've eaten all day is just one slice of bread, I'm not really all that hungry.
A man with a full belly thinks no one is hungry.
It was the hungry bears that the villagers were afraid of.
It is sad that so few people give money to help the hungry.
There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.
However hungry you are, you must eat slowly.
Beth had to work very hard, and now she is hungry and exhausted.
I experienced a sense of well-being and was neither hungry nor thirsty.
I'm hungry, said the small white rabbit, so they stopped and ate the flower from a large hyacinth.
Is there a restaurant here? We’re really hungry.
Watch out! There are five hungry Soviet cows in the garden!
Hungry and thirsty, we at last reached the inn.
How many more Christmases must we go hungry?

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2. hungering hungering

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3. famished famished

I'm famished!
I'm famished, how long are we gonna have to wait?

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4. starving

I'm starving!
I saw many people starving to death on TV.
I'd been on my own all week and was starving for conversation.
You must be starving now after your long walk.
He swallowed a piece of toast because he was starving.
Provide starving people with food.
pictures of starving children
I think the pope should sell off some of the vast holdings of his church to feed the starving poor.
I'm starving. When the hell do we eat.
I gasped with surprise at the horrible picture of the starving people.
Can I have a sandwich? I’m starving.
Let's eat something, I'm starving.
After five days alone, Yossi was exhausted and starving.
I was starving when I came home from school.
She's starving herself to try to lose weight.

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