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krępy Englisch:

1. stocky stocky

The man had a short, stocky physique. He looked like a wrestler.
Jim was short and stocky
The man was described as short and stocky and very strong.
He's a stocky man.
He was a stocky man with a no-nonsense kind of face.
of stocky build
She thinks that stocky men are not particularly attractive.
Just down there. Short, stocky guy - having a wide, strong, body
My dog is stocky.
I'm stocky.

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2. thickset

Case stared across the crowded bar at a thickset man in shirt-sleeves, something leaden about the shade of his skin
He was thickset but not fat; I judged him to be between thirty and thirty five years old

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3. squarish

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4. chunky

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5. stumpy

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