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krytykować Englisch:

1. criticise criticise

Jon criticised me of complaining all the time.
She always criticises her husband for being sloppy.
Sometimes critics don't know what they criticise.
If you want to criticise other people, first you must improve your own methods.

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2. run down run down

The battery has run down.
hit and injure sb with a vehicle/My dog was run down by a bus.
My father worked very hard last month and now he is run down.
She got run down outside school.
I’ll just run down the list and see if we’ve forgotten anything.
She feels run down after working so hard recently.

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3. criticizing criticizing

They were criticizing each other.
Stop criticizing me!

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4. find fault with find fault with

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5. cast aspersions cast aspersions

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6. to berate to berate

7. taking criticism taking criticism

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8. to come in for criticism to come in for criticism

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9. pan pan

His sleeve touched the greasy pan.
The National Center for Education Information says a predicted teacher shortage won't pan out because teachers who left the profession are returning.
Tom burned himself badly when he took the pie pan out of the oven without using an oven mitt.
You should have bought a Teflon-coated pan.
He is such a tidy person. Every pot and pan is in its place.
I'm buying new pan.
Pan is a monkey that can spread butter on bread.
Could you lift that pan for me, then I'll put this mat under it.
Heat sesame oil in the pan on a medium flame, add the chicken meat, the garlic and fry, when the colour changes pour in the Chinese soup, add the Chinese cabbage and boil.
Would you scrape that rusty pan?
Wszyscy czekają na pana Browna.
non-stick pan
It's easy to do business with Jack. He has everything written on his pan.
Shut your pan and stop panicking!
It's hard to distinguish an aebleskiver pan from a takoyaki pan.