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1. voice over artist

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2. reader

An astute reader should be willing to weigh everything they read, including anonymous sources.
I'm an avid reader of biographies.
Do your readers have any advice for me?
My daughter is a keen reader.
Many a reader skips the words that he doesn't know.
The demand that I make of my reader is that he should devote his whole Life to reading my works.
Fresh Reader, three times more interesting than Twitter (IMO)
I have been asked by a reader about free and direct translations.
Take this reader and get me my prescriptions.
1. Readers loved her new book 2. I bough a reader for my friend from Russia / My child likes readers abour animals 3. My card reader is broken, I can only use pendrives
Her readers are middle aged people.
The library in Berlin has many readers.
He's poor reader - he only reads lightweight and undemanding books.
It's the reader that determines whether they extract pleasure from reading.

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3. voice over

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