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mieszkaniec Englisch:

1. resident

As a EU resident you can travel anywhere in Europe.
What does "resident alien" mean?
The residents are unhappy with the authorities.
Deceased was at the time of his death a resident of 325 West 25th Street, New York.
Many local residents have objected to the scheme.
I'm a resident of New Zealand.
The residents objected to the idea of building a wind farm.
No Access / except for residents (road sign)
Do you get on well with the other residents in your building?
a resident of the UK/Australia The local residents were angry at the lack of parking spaces.
The residents of Old Berry often socialise during all kinds of events.
Resident Evil 4 is one of the best games I have ever played.

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2. dweller

city, town, cave, etc. dweller
Almost all city dwellers saw this exhibition.

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3. denizen

The woodpecker is a denizen of the forest.
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4. inhabitant

Most of the inhabitants were asked to take part in the exercise during which they had to pretend that their city had been bombed.
The inhabitants are really polite.
How many inhabitants are in Warsaw?
This archipelago in the Indian Ocean has 596 inhabitants.
The inhabitants of many Pacific islands rely on the money that visitors spend.
A lot of inhabitants of my hometown complain about the dirt.
inhabitant registration office
American Indians are native inhabitants of the USA.
a city of five million inhabitants
As an inhabitant of this city, I can decide who I want my mayor to be.

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5. occupant

I must say, the occupants of that flat downstairs are terribly noisy.
The furniture had been left by the previous occupants.
All of the current occupants have lived in the building for a long time.

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6. occupant's

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7. habitant

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8. resident's

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9. citizen

A democrat is a free citizen who yields to the will of the majority.
It may be easier to get a long-term visa if your spouse is a citizen.
As a citizen of the world, I know ways of overcoming cultural barriers.
citizen ship
Every citizen has the right to health and to a life that meets the minimum cultural standards.
Decency, security, and liberty alike demand that government officials shall be subjected to the same rules of conduct that are commands to the citizen.
A passport identifies you as a citizen of a country and allows you to travel to foreign countries.
Asked from what country he came, he replied, "I am a citizen of the world."
And so each citizen plays an indispensable role.
The state government deprived the civil rights of their citizen.
Every citizen ought to help them.
If you are to be a good world citizen, you should try to be free of any prejudices.
I heard her speaking English as fluently as a citizen of the USA.
Any British citizen can start a petition on the British government website.
Black money scandal, 11th of September, expenseuro, the Old Europe, Hartz IV, Madame Chancellor, fanmile, climatic catastrophe, financial crisis, wreckage bonus and citizen of anger are the last ten words of the year in Germany.

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10. local resident