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monotonny Englisch:

1. monotonous monotonous

My life is monotonous.
Listening practice tends to be monotonous.
I'm tired of the monotonous life.
His monotonous voice made me feel sleepy.
monotonous work
Spending nine hours a day packing frozen chicken is the most monotonous work I\'ve ever done.
He has a monotonous factory job.
This music is very monotonous and boring.
The speech was a little monotonous.
Why do physicists converge? Because they're monotonous and narrow.
This story is rather monotonous.
He seems to be oppressed by his monotonous daily life.

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2. repetitive

She left the job because the work was too repetitive. At the risk of being repetitive, I must remind you again to be careful.
I do the same thing every day. It's very repetitive.
repetitive pattern
Working in the factory involved doing a series of repetitive tasks.
The job is very repetitive. I do the same thing every day.
Assembly line workers had to do repetitive activities.
repetitive tasks like washing and ironing
e.g. my last job became a bit too repetitive
a repetitive job
Travel sickness is caused by the effect of repetitive movements.
Stacking shelves at the supermarket is boring, repetitive work.
it has to involve some kind of power imbalance, so it's not an argument between equals, and it's something that is repetitive.
The definition of repetitive is saying or doing something over and over again.
In a repetitive job you do the same thing again and again.
I like to use frameworks when I program because they save me time on repetitive tasks.

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3. monotones

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4. tedious

Your eccentricities can make you either charming or tedious.
Thanks to you, the backlog of tedious work has been completed.
tedious journey/task/job
We had to listen to all the tedious details.
The lecture was so tedious that i fell asleep
It took us more than two hours because of the tedious paperwork,
Waiting for a train is tedious.
Forty percent of the workforce are white-collar workers, most of whom have some of the most tedious and idiotic jobs ever concocted.
A tedious film seems to take longer than an exciting one of the same footage.
What is the most tedious process you have ever had to go through? One of the most tedious processes I've ever had to go through was waiting in immigration at the airport.
The definition of tedious is something that is boring and repetitive
Lack of a break after a long year's tedious work will reduce the efficiency of teachers. a tedious job /ˈtiːdiəs/
She was given tedious task of entering lists of numbers.
I hate doing the dishes! It’s so tedious.
‘And it’s incredibly tedious,’ Will said.

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5. treadmill

I hate this treadmill of working in my office
Sometimes I just want to get off this treadmill and go live in the countryside.
I run on the treadmill every day.
I run on the treadmill every day. I can't seem to change the speed of the treadmill.
We need you to walk on this treadmill
With half an hour on this treadmill you'll work up a pretty good sweat.

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6. humdrum

Having grown up in a humdrum suburb, Jacob relished life in New York City after moving.
the prisoners’ humdrum routine

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7. flat

Before forks and chopsticks, people usually ate food with a piece of flat bread.
[flat] flat
It is fairly safe to say that the family bound for Australia, or wherever it may be, has in its mind a vision of a nice house, or a flat, with maybe a bit of garden.
Shurrup! Don't make such a fuss over a little headache. I'm flat out of magical power - this is all your fault!
Plato having defined man to be a two-legged animal without feathers, Diogenes plucked a cock and brought it into the Academy, and said, "This is Plato’s man." On which account this addition was made to the definition,—"With broad flat nails."
I like this flat. The location is good, and besides, rent is not very high.
Did you ever try keeping your flat completely free from dust?
A warm, lazy breeze wafts across the flat, endless fields.
When the shooting died down a bit, Daddy ran over to our flat and brought us back some sandwiches.
Some clarinetists use clarinets tuned to A instead of B flat in passages which would otherwise be written in unusual keys.
I can't afford to buy my own flat, but I'm thinking of taking out a loan.
Why do you pay so much for the flat? This is some special kind of mildew on these walls?
I like to perform magic tricks for kids, but they sometimes fall flat.
When the chickens are flat as pancakes, then again the tractor must have been faster than them.

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8. uneventful

The rest of the long cruise was mostly uneventful.
uneventful life in Toscany

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9. routine

Soon enough, the family will get back to its summer routine.
daily routine
To eliminate routine from my life I became a journalist.
My daily routine involves three hours of exercise.
Monday to Friday, my life is routine, but on Saturday and Sunday I have a great time.
We're doing the same old routine: going bar hopping and then to karaoke.
Scientific research is not a mechanical routine, but a continuing struggle on the part of the scientist.
Much of our daily living must consist of routine that requires little or no mental effort.
You need to follow the routine very carefully, otherwise the evidence won't be admissible in court.
Fixed routines are important for children.
we could have them do some of the more routine and hazardous tasks
I’ve set up templates for the routine emails.
Definition a routine is a set pattern of actions that happen regularly and often in the same order
Eating and sleeping are routine activities.
I've started a punishing routine at the gym. Two hours every morning and two hours every evening.

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