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nagłówek Englisch:

1. headline headline

I only read magazine headlines.
You need an eye-catching headline to get people to read the article.
What do the headlines in the newspapers say?
The front-page headline read ‘Royal Love Scandal’.
a paper carrying the front-page headline: 'Space Aliens meet with President'
The newspaper headline made me want to read the rest of the story.
Tomorrow the word "crisis" will be in all the headlines.
The scandal was in the headlines for several days.
a front-page headline
A headline is the title of a story of article.
A headline is used to tell the reader what a story is about.
The headline has misled me.
The headline caught my eye this morning.

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2. heading heading

We're heading for disaster.
Where are you heading?
I remembered the heading of the article, so I found it pretty quickly.
I couldn't figure out where on earth he was heading for.
What heading does this come under?
A long caravan of camel was heading to the West.
How far are you going? "I'm heading for Chicago."
They are leaving Cairo today heading for Tel Aviv.
It is strange that a cameraman heading for a war-zone should not know about the danger of unexploded shells. The newspaper company is being negligent in its training.
There points can be brought under the same heading.
The missing paper had the heading Conclusions on it - can you help me look for it?
Americans are all heading north to the land of opportunity.
The headings are in the same order as the diagram above.
The chief has changed the heading of the article.
Correct heading is 322 degrees.

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3. header header

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4. letterhead

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