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1. anxiety anxiety

Recently what with anxiety and lack of sleep, she has lost almost ten pounds.
I think I'm going to pass out and I nearly die from anxiety.
anger, anxiety and sadness
It is certain that the increase of divorce will lead to anxiety between couples, parents and children.
Using a camera appeases the anxiety which the work driven feel about not working when they are on vacation and supposed to be having fun. They have something to do that is like a friendly imitation of work: they can take pictures.
The anxiety of sellers to avail of prices which look very high.
The animal lacks both anxiety and hope because its consciousness is restricted to what is clearly evident and thus to the present moment: the animal is the present incarnate.
to score high on measures of depression and anxiety than women with normal or high cholesterol.
calm down is the best way to cope with own anxiety, but that can be very difficult and ineffective
Laughing is good for you, isn't it? True, it can reduce anger, anxiety and stress, but according to the BMJ, laughter can occasionally have harmful side-effects for certain people.
An example of anxiety is the feeling you get before a test for which you have not studied.
I'd stop worrying about it and take some action. The anxiety that comes from doing nothing is worse than any danger you might face.
The government-commissioned survey revealed that other issues, such as dog mess and abandoned vehicles, also cause so much anxiety that they can affect our quality of life.
Dr. Thatcher diagnosed her patient with generalized anxiety disorder because his symptoms didn't point to other diagnoses.

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2. disquietude

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3. uneasiness

I've had a vague uneasiness.
He took a deep breath and tried to put his uneasiness to rest.

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4. disquiets

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5. restlessness

the restlessness of youth
His restlessness gave her a hint that something was wrong.

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6. unease

Her unease was infectious.
As Kate waited for exam results, her sense of unease grew
Will shared his unease.
What you're saying is perfectly viable, but I can't shake off my unease.

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7. unrest

The unrest lasted three days.
Foreign investors backed off because of regional political unrest.
It is important to eliminate the social unrest.
Social unrest may come about as a result of this long recession.
Some scholars ascribe the settlement of America to social unrest in Western Europe.
Racial problems are often the cause of social unrest.
Social unrest was caused by the difficult economic situation.
We could not go to Kongo because of civil unrest.
It is feared that the current local society unrest will lead to a full-scale civil war.
"Is there unrest here?"
There are fears that the latest moves could lead to unrest in Catalonia
The current unrest stems from the unsuccessful government policy.
many fear that machines will make millions of workers redundant, causing inequality and unrest.
There is growing unrest throughout the country.
Up to this point I have presented an overview of the growth of political unrest in the period.

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8. anxiousness

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9. concern

Excessive concern with safety can be dangerous.
statement concerning
Your concern for Her Eminence is appreciated and acknowledged. Your questions primarily concern genuine legislative committees.
The 'deep concern' of the Romanian parliament is completely unfounded and unjustified.
The impact of Emmet's theory on physics has been widely discussed, but this is not my concern in this paper.
Well then, it becomes a matter of urgent concern to the lurkers of this mailing list whether the guilty party confesses or not.
No, please don't concern yourself. I have learnt to do as the Romans when in Rome.
The loss of childhood spontaneity has caused widespread concern, as well as calls for review of the nation's educational and social structures.
We insist that during the next three days you make decisions which are fair to all generations and which show an active concern for the environment.
Where our children's education is concerned, no compromise is acceptable.
concerning decent conduct
There were lots of people on Facebook and others going out to look for him, so people were very concerned for him.
I think that his visits are the only real chance I get to talk about things that are worrying me - my health, my concerns about my grandson and his future, how to keep going
The safety of the ship is the captain's concern. The budget overspend is a matter of concern. The decision will concern mainly small businesses.
The recent rise in crime is a matter of considerable public concern.

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10. dismay

The news has been greeted with dismay by local business leaders.
The speech he gave dismayed me.
to his dismay, she left him
Aid workers were said to have been filled with dismay by the appalling conditions that the refugees were living in.
I note with dismay that his election may be harmful to our country
One morning at breakfast we children were informed to our utter dismay that we could no longer be permitted to run absolutely wild.
I note with dismay that
To the detective superintendent's dismay, the statue of limitations eventually put an end to the matter.
The public mood in Britain is one of growing dismay
She discovered, to her dismay, that her exam was a whole month earlier than she'd expected
The EU has been dismayingly ambiguous regarding Bahrain, in particular
they were dismayed by the U-turn in policy
When Joan discovered that her grandson had been skipping classes, her dismay was immense; she was extremely disappointed with him.
dismay (v)
The astronaut lost his grip on the wrench and all he could do was watch in dismay as it floated serenely away.

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11. angst

I have angst that he will disappear one day.
All my children went through a period of late-adolescent angst.
So they can express everything from admiration and lust to anxiety and angst.
I feel angst when I think of my exams.
Adolescent angst
A lot of finger pointing, a lot of angst and anger.

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12. worry

Don't worry.
If I tell my mother, she'll worry, so I don't think I'll tell her.
Don't worry. He may look intimidating at first glance, but he's actually a very friendly person.
My biggest worry is about where my next meal will come from.
You will save your father a lot of worry if you simply write him a letter.
Hiroshi is worn out with worry since he lost the only copy of the book he needed for his report.
Although marriage is a great thing, don't worry; what should be yours will be yours.
In the first place, the women have more free time than men. In the second place, they have fewer things to worry about than men.
We should bear in mind that only relaxed people living without too much pressure and worry have a chance to keep healthy.
Ha-ha-ha-hah! No worry! I brazenly bluffed.
Not worrying about anything is the same as being dead, since worry is the movement of the soul, and life is movement.
You worry about yourself. If you put your back out and can't stand we'll go home without you!
I'm never free from worry about my son. Nowadays, he does nothing but play video games, and never studies at all.
It may not appeal to some, but I prefer to remain a salaried man; I don't have to worry so much about making both ends meet.
When they pass through strong wind, the planes rock like this, but don't worry.

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