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odpady Englisch:

1. waste waste

Youth is such a priceless commodity that it is a shame to waste it on children.
He and I discussed the waste problem in terms of recycling.
Some people consider it a waste of time to study languages such as Klingon, Interlingua and Esperanto.
Another interesting source of energy is the heat that can be recovered from radioactive waste material.
I think it is about time we changed our ways of disposing of waste.
waste products
Packaging can actually prevent certain kinds of waste.
What a waste to buy such an expensive machine even though he doesn't even know how to use computers.
For things that have had contents with volatile oil like thinners they should be left for a few days to completely evaporate it before being disposed of as non-flammable waste.
He didn't waste a single minute, thinking constantly about how to survive and how to improve his condition.
It may seem like a hassle, but I think you ought to go back to the basics and start over. Haste makes waste they say.
Say that work is 8 hours, it feels like the three hour commute time is also work but you don't get any money for it. What a waste.
Is there any point recycling household waste? Yes, there's a point recycling household waste.
Severe health risks can result from saving waste
We must make the utmost effort to reduce the use of plastic packaging, and also to recycle all waste plastic.

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2. debris debris

It's about time I cleaned the debris in my room.
Victims were trying to make their way through the debris
You need to be focused when you remove debris in between your teeth.
Several people were injured by flying debris in the explosion.
Emergency teams are still clearing the debris from the plane crash.
Many could still be buried below the debris.
It took a week to clean up the debris after the explosion
Dawn revealed pools of dried blood, smashed children’s strollers, an uneaten baguette and other debris strewn about the promenade
There is a lot of debris on the construction site.
workmen were clearing the roads of the debris from shattered buildings

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3. repulses repulses

She repulses him.

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4. waste products waste products

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5. waste materials waste materials

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6. household waste household waste

The amount of household waste will probably decrease.