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odszkodowanie Englisch:

1. indemnity

They received no indemnity pay and the factory was closed.

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2. remedy

There is no remedy for love.
When do we have to remedy all defects by?
I would like to end by saying that overtaxation is not a remedy for an ailing economy.
The violence and injustice of the rulers of mankind is an ancient evil, for which, I am afraid, the nature human affairs can scarce admit a remedy.
Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.
A qilin with a king too has no limit on its lifespan, but this illness alone admits of no remedy.
Aspirin is a headache remedy
no remedy, so be afraid
A remedy is something that compensates me for my loss or that stops the harm from happening again. The usual remedy for tort is damges.
to remedy
remedy a situation
Political decisions are necessary in order to remedy the situation.
My remedy for a sore throat is a cup of fruit tea with ginger and honey.
Your only remedy is to go to the law.

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3. compensation

After my house was robbed I got a compensation.
I'll see it immediately and personally make sure you get compensation.
compensation for injuries at work
I’ll be expecting a total refund and compensation if this can’t be fixed!
I promise you every possible compensation.
We settler this matter with compensation
something given or received as an equivalent for services, debt, loss, injury, suffering, After my house was robbed I got a compensation.
"Claims for compensation could be made during this window of opportunity. "
You should claim/seek compensation.
Jersey oyster farmers are considering seeking compensation, claiming a deterioration in seawater quality has affected shellfish.
The compensation from an insurance institution is not lower than the death benefit.
He threatened that he would fight for compensation.
compensation for injuries at work/compensation from government/in compensation/as compensation
By way of compensation...
compensation for damages, for moral injury, of costs

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4. indemnified

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5. amends

It's never too late to make amends.
I'll have to make amends to them for my mistake.
I tried to make amends for the misunderstanding by sending her flowers.
He made amends for his mistakes.

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6. indemnification

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7. damages

She sued him for damages.
They demanded damages from the driver.
Our insurance policy covers various kinds of damages.
I claimed damages against him.
The following is thought to be one of the reasons stress damages the stomach's mucous membrane.
The damages are estimated not to exceed a million yen at the worst.
Will you pay off the damages in full on the dot?
The damages sought were in excess of one million dollars
Mrs Owen was ordered to pay damages of £6,000.
The contract specifies what happens in case of damages.
He was liable for the damage caused and as a result had to pay the damages.
He was vindicated in court and damages were awarded.
I will bring charges against you in Criminal Court and I will sue each of you personally for large, exemplary damages!"
We will be claiming damages totalling ...$ to cover the emotional distress that my client suffered.
Damages from the flood amount to ten million dollars.

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8. compensate

Who will compensate for the loss?
Money cannot compensate for life.
Expensive meals can't compensate for lack of sleep.
Any act whatever of a man, which causes damage to another, obliges the one by whose fault it occurred to compensate it.
You must compensate him for the money he lost.
To compensate for his unpleasant experiences in the hospital, Tom drank a little more than was good for him.
This payment more than compensates for what we’ve lost.
she was not compensated for her additional hard work
Sportsmen and women should be compensated for this risk
Victims of the crash will be compensated for their injuries.
You must compensate the damage that you did
We have to compensate for our CO2 emissions.
Did they compensate you for the accident?
We will compensate everyone who has bought a ticket if the show is cancelled.
Diligence may compensate for lack of experience.

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9. coverage

Some 34 million Americans have no health coverage at all.
Do you think BBC is objective in their coverage?
coverage of the Olympics
The TV will show the complete coverage of the Olympic Games opening ceremony.
My insurance coverage is too limited, so I guess I'll just have to live with my arm bones jutting out of my skin.
Your top does not provide enough midriff coverage, young lady.
Much of the riots' coverage was taken from the cell phones of passersby, saving local news outlets valuable film which they would later use for banal "human" "interest" "stories."
Do you think one can believe what's written in the newest coverage of Prime Minister's amendments?
to purchase this coverage
What types of coverage are available?
That is now about $11,000 a year for family coverage.
The coverage of this radio is very poor.
There was a lot of news coverage around the world about the case.
Mobile phone coverage is improving all the time, as more and more people use mobile phones.
The squadron encountered an ambush and scrambled for coverage.

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