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1. frigid

There was a frigid atmosphere in the room.
I'm afraid I'm frigid.

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2. indifferent

He gave an indifferent shrug.
Sarah was absolutely indifferent to him, and it hurt.
These figures indicate three in five college first-year students are indifferent to politics.
She looks indifferent but deep down she's very pleased.
They are indifferent to politics.
How can you be so indifferent to your wife's trouble?
As is often the case with young people, he was indifferent to money.
Men are by nature merely indifferent to one another; but women are by nature enemies.
It's easy to be indifferent to money when you've never been poor.
We didn't like the restaurant - the food was indifferent and the room was cold.
He found it very hard teaching a class full of indifferent teenagers.
I’m rather indifferent to environmental issues.
Unlike her sister, Hanako is indifferent to her dress.
According to a survey, three in five people today are indifferent to foreign affairs.
He was indifferent to their decision since it didn't affect him in any way

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Moduł 1 Człowiek
wheel of time

3. icy

Your hands are icy!
If your car doesn't have snow tires, you shouldn't drive on icy roads.
The sled accelerated as it went down the icy slope.
Because of the icy streets, we could not drive the car.
The icy road sparkled in the sunlight.
I fell over on the icy path.
She gave me an icy look.
Many accidents resulted from the icy road conditions.
He jumped into the river in defiance of the icy water.
An icy chill stole into the car.
Driving on an icy street is a dangerous business.
Under Europa's icy crust might be water ocean.
The train came off the rails and fell into an icyriver.
Take particular care when walking on icy paths.
icy road

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