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płuco Englisch:

1. lung

Kylie's right lung had a small tumour in it, so she had to have an operation.
Smokers are far more likely to develop lung cancer than non-smokers are.
The patient's lung tissue was damaged from years of working in a coal mine.
The man had a punctured lung.
lung cancer
For him a doctor to get lung cancer from smoking - it's a typical case of 'Do as I say not as I do.'
Breathe in deeply and let the fresh air fill your lungs.
Her lung collapsed and she stopped breathing.
Scientists have established the relationship between lung cancer and smoking.
by cigarettes you have a sick lung
Definition your lungs are the two organs in your chest that fill with air when you breathe and that process the air to make oxygen for your blood
He felt a sharp pain in his lungs.
Why do you have two lungs but only one heart?
He has got pneumonia and his lungs are in a bad state.
A study shows lung cancer accounts for 17% of women's cancer deaths.

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