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pięta Englisch:

1. heel heel

High-heeled shoes may cause bunions and deformed toes.
If you walk a lot, you will develop calluses on your heel.
She got a run in her stocking when she broke the heel of her shoe.
Professional boots will support your heel.
I need to replace the heels on these shoes.
Don't marry him, he's a heel. I bet he's going to beat you.
Careful! You stood on my heel.
Apart from his heel, Achilles was invulnerable.
He raised his heel against me.
English grammar is my Achilles' heel.
The plump young woman thrust the heel of her stiletto into my big toe under the pretence that I had been too forceful.
I don't wanna hear about this heel anymore!
High-heeled shoes
Knees are bent and held in front of the chest, with the heels positioned below the hips.
Achilles heel

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